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If you just ignore the obvious.

Vista selling really well, says Ballmer

“Vista sells on almost 100 per cent of all the new consumer PCs around the world,” the Microsoft CEO proclaimed. He added that the operating system was also selling on, “45 percent of all of new business PCs”. Which is enlightening, since business users are about the ony buyers of new PCs that get a choice.

Which really is the point isn’t it? You can’t exactly walk into a Best Buy or WalMart and pick up an XP box anymore can you? Microsoft took care of that little issue a while ago. The only place you can get an XP box (that I’m aware of) is online and thats getting more difficult by the day.

In any case, I maintain that Vista’s actual numbers are inflated. Just because a machine shipped with Vista doesn’t mean its actually running Vista when it hits a users desk. Case in point: we just did a hardware refresh for five laptops in the company. Every one shipped with Vista install but that so called operating system was blown away with an XP install as soon as they hit our bench. Microsoft still counts those as Vista installs. Second case in point: we just recently rolled out an upgrade to 50+ desktop machines moving them from Windows 2000 to XP Pro. Of course you can’t actually buy Windows XP volume licenses anymore. You have to buy Vista volume licenses which, while currently allowing you to install XP instead of Vista, are actually recorded as Vista sales.

Vista just simply is not doing as well as Microsoft would have you believe.

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