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That huge voter turnout? Didn’t happen

Despite widespread predictions of record turnout in this year’s presidential election, roughly the same portion of eligible voters cast ballots in 2008 as in 2004.

This news is surprising since nearly everyone predicted record turnouts for this election. Even my earlier post where I had to give up after waiting two hours (the first time) seemed to indicate a larger than normal turnout. However, checking my entry from 2004 you’ll see that the wait times were pretty much identical to the previous election.

Still reports of exceedingly long lines at the polling center. Current wait is listed at two hours with the line out the door.

After waiting just over two hours at my polling place in Pennsylvania this morning, I had to leave to head in to work. I hadn’t even made it to the registration desk.

The polls in PA close at 8pm. I’m hoping to make it home in time to vote tonight.

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