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I’ve finally finished setting up the our yearly Christmas train display. I’m weeks behind schedule and the kids have been relentless in bugging me about it but work, family and a crappy holiday schedule have conspired against me.


Every year I add something to the display. Over the past 8-9 years its grown from a simple oval HO scale train and two lighted houses to the display pictured here. This years addition was one of the biggest made up of an N scale train and Ralphie’s house from the movie ‘A Christmas Story‘.


If you look you’ll also see Ralpie being chased by Scut Farkus and his croony as well as the Bumpuses dogs running off with the turkey. Of course the most important detail of all… the ‘soft glow of electric sex’ in the window (you’ll understand that if you’ve seen the movie).


Ralphis house and the N scale train have been added on a new platform that can be seen in the upper right. The HO scale train runs around the entire bottom section (which is a 4×8 sheet of plywood). The lower right is reserved for the boy and his custom built lego houses.


This will probably be the last year I add something to the display. It’s getting to the point were it’s a chore and not fun to set up. That not the point. Its supposed to be fun. So yeah, I’m going to call it quits here and stop adding after this year. Then again, there’s that area under the new platform that looks pretty dark. It could really really use something to liven it up a bit….

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