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The rec council that my kids play softball and baseball in have quite a few ballfields they use that are scattered through the area. However, only one of this fields has lights. This means that a night game playing ‘under the lights’ is a big event for the teams involved and the kids really look forward to it.

Unfortunately, because of the number of teams, the fact that baseball and softball run at the same time and the limited number of days during the school year where a night game is feasible the schedule works out so that each time gets one ‘under the lights’ game per season…. which brings us to the title of this post.

In the five years that my kids have been playing in this council, every single night game they have sceduled, every… single… one…, has been rained out. For FIVE years. Last night was my daughters night softball game. Rained out. Tonight is my sons night baseball game. Forcast calls for rain and thunderstorms.

Lets hope this post does something do break the curse.

Actual posting seems to have pretty much stopped here over the past few weeks.

I blame the kids.  They have kept the past few weeks such a constant state of motion that, like the title says, everything has pretty much been a blur.

So, a basic rundown of the past month or so:

  • The week before school started consisted of daily Field Hockey practice.
  • The school held a ‘meet the teams’ event where you could see all the fall sports teams/players plus get to see what $2 million dollars of taxpayer money buys in artificial turf.  More on this later (hint: the kids don’t like it).
  • A last weekend of summer trip to the Strasburg Railroad and the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. (flickr pics)
  • School started (August 25th).
  • Start of the local rec council outdoor soccer league for the youngest two (which also marks the start of the mom/dad tag team drop off/pick up relay).
  • Several home & away field hockey games.
  • A trip with the wife for a weekend of NASCAR racing at Richmond International Speedway which was nearly ruined by Tropical Storm Emma. (flick pics)

This is a big year for my oldest daughter (especially the past month).  It’s the start of Junior High.  that in itself brings a lot of changes…  like getting on the bus at 7am instead of 8:20 like last year.  The start of the 45 minute, 9 period school day as opposed to the 1 class staying as a unit all day in Elementary School.  On top of all this, she decided she wanted to join the Junior High’s field hockey team.  This means (in addition to the week of practice before school started) that she has practice two hours a day every day after school and play home/away games against other schools.  Quite a change from her zero sports interest couch potatoe ways of just a few months ago.  And as if all that wasn’t enough, Moday she had a full set of braces installed (which, as I am making a point to inform everyone, cost me $3,610.  I’m doing this because…..   damn).

I’m really impressed with how well she’s adjusted to all these changes.  Her grades are actually up from last year.  I thought for sure they’d take a hit until she worked out all her new responsbilities (not that everything has been perfectly smooth).  She seems to be taking it all in stride.  Here’s hoping it stays that way.  (She’s already talking about Basketball in the Spring).

So yesterday we found out the names for the boy’s Baseball and the youngest daughters Softball teams.

The Daughter has a infatuation with Lions and Tigers. It borders on a complete obsession really. From screaming ‘LLLLLIIIIIIIIOOONNNNNNNNN!’ so loud it nearly burst my eardrum during the safari at Disney’s Animal Kingdom to sleeping under a mountain of stuffed felines. If I remember correctly her first words were the complete script of ‘The Lion King’. So when she heard that her team was the Detroit Tigers she screamed like…. well, she screamed like a little girl. Once again nearly bursting one of my eardrums.

Later the same day we’re picking up the boy’s uniform and we found out his team name is the Milwaukee Brewers. So after I belt out a nice ‘YES!’ I look over and notice my wife has her face buried in her hands once again (she seems to do that alot when we’re out in public. I haven’t quite yet figured out why). It took a bit of explaining to the boy until he understood why I liked the team name and if you haven’t yet figured out why yourself, just take another look at the title and header graphic for the blog again.

side note: The sponsor of the boy’s team happens to be the local mortician. Oh well… you can’t win ’em all. At least its not Chico’s Bail Bonds.

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