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A couple of days ago I stopped in the Hunt Valley Gamestop to pick up a DS game for the oldest daughters birthday. I quickly found what I was looking for and headed for the counter. Unfortunately for me, the two clerks currently on duty were involved in a very heated, loud and thought provoking discussion. It went something like this (paraphrased, but 99% accurate):

clerk1: All I’m saying is that I don’t like Racer X in the movie. They totally changed his costume and didn’t stay faithful to the original show.

clerk2: But it looks much cooler now! The original black mask with white spandex looked stupid.

clerk1: But thats the way it was! They shouldn’t go messing with the basic cannon of the show.

clerk2: But dude! The white spandex costume just looked so gay! It was horrible.

clerk1: It didn’t look that gay!

clerk2: Yes, it did. It looked totally gay. The new all black costume is much cooler.

clerk1: What about Batman?! He wears spandex and I don’t hear you calling him gay.

clerk2: Thats because Batman wore spandex to dress like a giant, scary BAT! That’s totally not gay!

me: Hey! GUYS! Can I buy this now or what?

I swear it was like I was stuck in some Kevin Smith movie. Honestly, it was actually kind of pathetic. These guys looked to be at least in their mid-twenties and this was some serious shit to them.

The kicker was that they couldn’t actually find the game I was trying to buy so I ended having to stop buy the Shrewsbury Gamestop on the way home and get it there. Fortunately there was no gay spandex movie fight going on at that location.

Lately I keep seeing the commercials for the new Speed Racer movie.  Each and every time they open up with the statement ‘From the creators of The Matrix trilogy’.  You know, almost as if being the ‘creator’ of The Matrix Trilogy is a good thing.

Lets make this clear.  The movie The Matrix, all by itself, was absolutely incredible.  The Matrix TRILOGY however, sucked.  It ranks right up there with the Highlander/Highlander 2 debacle.

They should drop the ‘trilogy’ bit from the promo and just say The Matrix.  Trust me.

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