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An update to my no vote entry:

I ended up being able to leave work early and head back to my polling place.  I waited another 40 minutes in line for the first check in.  We then had to head to one of the three lines based on last name where our signature was checked.  I lucked out in that my line was empty.  The other two lines had 12+ people waiting .  I went right up to the desk, signed my name and received my voter card.  I was done 5 minutes later.

Here’s the kicker: my voter number, the one you’re assigned when you check in, was over 1,850.  This was assigned a little over three hours before the polls closed and the line was still wrapped around to the door.  I’ve never received a number higher than the 270 range before (though I’ve always been able to vote before noon).

After waiting just over two hours at my polling place in Pennsylvania this morning, I had to leave to head in to work. I hadn’t even made it to the registration desk.

The polls in PA close at 8pm. I’m hoping to make it home in time to vote tonight.

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