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Gather ’round folks as I continue to beat the dead horse that is Blockbuster and Pee-Wee’s big adventure.

Its pretty easy to tell which movies are popular in when you open up the envelope. In some cases the sleeve is so worn and dirty its hard to make out the text describing the disk. So the big question I had was what kind of shape would this thing be in when I opened it? I figured since it took six months for it to be shipped it was probably the only damn copy they had in the system and thus pretty damn worn.

Then again, maybe I forced Blockbuster to buy a new damn movie. This thing didn’t have a single mark/smudge/scratch on it. You could still smell the shrink wrap. It was pretty obvious this was the first time this disk had been sent out. So I guess after five+ months of having that movie sit at the top of my queue someone at Blockbuster threw up their hands and said ‘Screw it! Buy the damn thing and ship it!’ Heh. I win.

Next up, Time Bandits. Five months at the number two spot on the list, now at number one. Current status: Very Long Wait (of course).

Its about damn time. Of course I already rented it via in store exchange three months ago (and it was a hit with the kids), I just kept it in the queue to see how long it would take to actually ship. It’s been sitting at the number one spot for half a year. Ridiculous.


Blockbuster goes sour

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