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So a couple of months ago I hinted at some kind of clandestine Blockbuster conspiracy designed to keep me from watching the film ‘Expelled‘ since I was shipped three copies that where somehow damaged.

Then I received my copy of Religulous in the mail today and it was, naturally, cracked. So much for the conspiracy. Of course, there could still be a conspiracy… just not a very good one.


This is now the third copy of Ben Stein’s movie ‘Expelled’ that I have received from Blockbuster Online in the past week and a half.  As you can see, it is slightly damaged.  The first two were cracked.  This one is just flat out broken.

This now brings the total number of damaged/broken Blockbuter Online CD’s I’ve received over the past two+ years  to six.  Half of these just happen to be Expelled?  What an amazing coincidence.  If one was into conspiracy theories….

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