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Link posting filtered by tag.

That way I can block anything I’ve bookmarked with a certain tag or from being included in the daily link posts.  This would enable me to keep the political (or other unrelated) links I’ve bookmarked from showing up on this site.  Alternatively it could be used to only post bookmarks that have a certain tag (i.e.: blog).

Given how long it took the team to roll out version 2 of the site, I’m not holding my breath for any new features to be added.

The new Delicious site it up.

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I just happened to notice this little blurb on the top of the main page:

You’ll have to log in again soon because the new Delicious is coming

Could this finally be the 2.0 version that has supposedly been in the works for almost a year? I mean seriously, its not like has been in desperate need of an upgrade for a few years now or anything. Whoops… make that Delicious. Apparently the periods are going away.

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A couple of weeks ago I vented my frustrations with the website.

Yahoo has been content to let just sit and rot. I haven’t noticed any major enhancements to the site in quite some time. In fact some features, like the blog link posting seem to work worse than ever.

Forget web 3.0 or even 2.0. is stuck back in ‘web .5’. Using the site has become more an annoyance than anything else.

Today I ran across an article at TechCrunch which pretty much echoes what i was saying. Once again the Internet finally catches up with me.

Delicious Not Shrinking, But Another Problem Looms

But has bigger problems. It has not changed much in years and cannot seem to get its 2.0 version out the door. This despite the fact that Schachter’s team of engineers has been working diligently on improvements since last September. The new version looked like it was ready to go in January, but then the launch was mysteriously pulled. There are rumors that scalability issues were plaguing the project. Hell, it’s been so long that Delicious 2.0 is news again (and, oh yeah, the periods are going away).

While I still do find a useful service, I don’t use it as much as I once did. The Web has evolved and, for whatever reason, has been held back. Here’s to hoping it can push out Delicious 2.0 before Yahoo gets acquired.

And notice the first part of the headline. ‘Delicious Not Shrinking’. If you read the article, you’ll probably agree that a more accurate headling would be ‘Delicious Not Shrinking, According to Yahoo‘…. who for some reason continue to insist that everything is just peachy.

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