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I’ve written a couple of times about the proposed Rabbit Transit bus route from Southern York County in PA to the Hunt Valley/Timonium area in Maryland. My last post on the subject took issue with what I considered to be high fare rates for the bus trip. Well they’ve finally released the proposed bus route and, even though the estimated daily rate has dropped from $14-16 to $12, I still won’t be able to make any use of this Public Transportation route.

Why? Because, for whatever reason, they’ve decided to completely bypass the entire International Circle, Hunt Valley Town Center and Hunt Valley Business Park area.

Stop 5 is in the Loveton Industrial Park. The next stop is all the way down in Timonium next to the AAI building (near the new Wal-Mart). You’ll notice how they decided to screw with everyone by driving the buses THROUGH the Hunt Valley Business Park… they just skipped the whole STOPPING bit. If I was to use this bus I would have to ride all the way down to stop 7 then get on the Light Rail and head BACK UP to Hunt Valley. It really makes no sense to me why they wouldn’t at least stop at the Hunt Valley Town Center Light Rail stop (not to mention any of the other LR stops in the HVBP) since they are driving right by it. Looks to me like they’re cutting off a large segment of potential riders.

Public Transportation on I-83
More expensive than gas

And I just drove home on I-83 through a snowstorm. A pretty good one.

What hell is that about?

A year ago I talked about the rumor the Rabbit Transit might actually add a route connecting PA commuters to the Maryland Light Rail system.  At first I was pretty happy to read this then had my hopes quickly dashed as I read that they planned on making it an express line (no stops) from York to Hunt Valley…  totally bypassing all the ‘bedroom communities’ in between.

A year has passed and that rumor seems a bit more concrete now.  In fact, they’re talking about a January 09 start date.  There’s still no definite info on proposed stops but the following statement from the article looks promising:

The exact route of the buses has not yet been determined, Farr said, but it would start in downtown York and work its way south to Shrewsbury and head as far south as the light rail Timonium.

The mention of Shrewsbury is a good thing since that is right smack in the middle of a pretty major commuter area.

But, as usual, they mention something that pretty much ensures I won’t be using the bus line.

The cost has not been set, but Farr estimated between $14 and $16 round trip per day, or about $280 per month for five days per week. Discount rates would be available for a monthly pass.

$14 to $16 per day.  That is far more than I currently spend on gas (and thats driving a Jeep no less).  A monthly pass wouldn’t really be an option since there are days when, for various reason, I need my vehicle at work to do my job.  I was hoping for a commuting option that I would be able to use 2-3 days a week.  With those rates it looks like I’m still driving.

Edit: Here’s something I just noticed in the article that makes things a bit more confusing:

The van pools to Maryland will continue, with a third van being added soon, he said. The vans cost $115 per month per passenger.

Interesting.  Van Pools to Maryland?  A quick Google search turns up the fact that they now run a Van service from Shrewsbury to Fort Meade (south of Baltimore).

So how is it monthly bus service from York to Hunt Valley will cost $280 but van service from Shrewsbury to Fort Meade, a longer and more congested route, costs only $115 per month?

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