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I was looking at this image this morning and was struck by the fact that there are only two places in the continental United States that are reporting wind chill readings above 60 degrees:

US wind chill map

Those two places being Brownsville, TX (64d) and the Florida Keys (61d).

It’s cold right now.  Everywhere.

Can we PLEASE get moving on this Spring thing? I mean come on… the temp dropped to 24d here last night and my furnace is about to go on strike. My youngest daughter has had five scheduled softball practices so far. THREE have been canceled because it was too cold (< 40d in all cases). The boy has had four baseball practices so far. They’ve done their best to get them in but just about all have ended early because of the temps. Not to mention its just not natural to have to wear a winter jacket watching your kid (who’s wearing about 5-6 layers of clothes) trying to hit and field the ball while dressed like Ralphie’s little brother in A Christmas Story.

It is APRIL and not JANUARY… right?

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