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Friar Tucks, originally uploaded by psychophil.

who decides to use Halloween as a way to pass out some religious items instead of giving a kid a piece of candy or just turning out the friggin lights. Above you see a picture of the handout of religious items my kids recieved in their Halloween candy bag. At least…. I think its religious.

The pink sheet is a flyer for the church. The comic is a ‘your soul is going to hell unless you repent and accept Jesus’ comic (which is a sucky subject for a comic). You’ll also notice the standard WWJD braclet which, because of the rainbow colors, could easily be mistaken for a gay pride bracelet from a distance. Whoops. In any case… what I really don’t get is the necklace.

The necklace of mardi gras beads… with a monk… holding what looks like a mug of beer…. and the name TUCKS on the bottom of the robe.

So… um… what?

I’m assuming this is a reference to Friar Tuck and not Tucks Medicated Pads. So, a church is handing out a Friar Tuck character from the Robin Hood stories. The version of Friar Tuck that has has an propensity for the mass consumption of ale (hence the beer mug).

Obviously somebody screwed up. I will however take this opportunity to thank whoever put the Jesus pack together. The beer drinking Friar Tuck[s] mardi gras necklace now holds place of honor in my garage brewery.

What kind of sick bastard schedules an 8-10 soccer League tournament to start the first game at 8am the morning after Halloween?

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