Many MSM sources are touting the possibility of ‘the first black Pope’. Many of these stories also press the line ‘is the world ready?’. Once again the MSM fails to do the most basic fact checking. There have in fact already been three black Popes.

The Next Pope Could be Black or Hispanic

Many news outlets have reported incorrectly that if elected, Arinze or Napier would become the first Black pope. Actually, it would be the fourth time a Black assumed the throne at the Vatican. The three earlier African popes, all of them now saints, were: Pope Saint Victor 1 (183-203 A.D.), Pope Saint Gelasius 1 (492-496 A.D.) and Pope Saint Miliades 1 (311-314 A.D.).


There have been headlines questioning whether or not the world is ready for the first black Pope. The only problem with such reporting is that they’re about 1,500 years too late. You see, a little research will show that not only has there been an African Pope before, but there have been three. They are: Pope Saint Victor 1, who served from 186-197 A.D., Pope Saint Miliades 1 from 311 to 314 A.D. and Pope Saint Gelasius 1 from 492-496 A.D.

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  • Isn’t the leader of the Jesuits called the “Black Pope”?

    I didn’t know there were already black popes – excellent!

  • Frank F. says:

    You are wrong. There have been Popes born in Africa, but no “Black Popes”. Beiong born in Africa does not mean they are of

    1.) African Heritage
    2.) You are black.

    Look at this page:

    Pope St. Gelasius does not have a picutre, you can look that up on Yahoo and take a look there. NONE of these guys were black.

  • psychophil says:

    The National Black Catholic Congress disagrees.

    Saint Victor was born in Africa and bore a Latin name as most African did at that time. Saint Victor was the fifteenth pope and a native of black Africa.

    Saint Gelasius was born in Rome of African parents and was a member of the Roman clergy from youth. Of the three African popes, Gelasius seems to have been the busiest.

    Saint Miltiades was one of the Church’s Black Popes. Militades occupied the papacy from 311 to 314 A.D. serving four years, seven months and eight days.

  • brenda says:

    Unbelievable, I didn’t know that! Very interesting!

  • Mr GMAN34 says:

    In those days they had artist, there should be some type of drawings of theses historical man. we must look into it. this good information to know of our history. The next question is what are we going to do about our salvation?[AM]

  • Nelson M. says:

    Frank F, I’m sorry to dissapoint you but all black peoples skin color is not dark. Yes the Black Popes did exsists and the fact of Jesus’s description written in the bible is hair like lambs wool and skin of bronze should raise your eyes to reality. I have if color is not taught it is not noticed

  • jeff says:

    So now you’re saying Jesus was black!
    Jesus was Sephardic Jewish! That means he was white [Caucasion] and looked like many modern Israelis Now get over that!
    Will this foolish and highly self destructive, Afro-centrism ever end? This reminds me of the period when the socially inferior Soviet Union took credit for virtually every invention of the last 200 years! I see the same thing every Feb. during Black History Month. Such as claims that a black man invented the light bulb are as absurd as anyone claiming Edison invented the light bulb. Edison PERFECTED the light bulb so it could be made and sold economically. Versions of light bulbs had been around for a number of years, but burned out in a few minutes.

  • The Bible says, his head and hair were white like wool ,as white as snow. Now does say Jesus was a snowman becase his hair and head was white as snow so that makes him a snowman. That is like saying he is black becase his hair and head was white as wool make a blackman.

  • Portia says:

    You’re pointing out who invented what and you still don’t get it… when people have to lay claim to Jesus by race, or the light bulb, or any other invention, then it’s clear, some of us aren’t ready to accept a Pope who is not “white” – some can’t see the bigger picture and just be glad that someone invented it or that Jesus loves us all.

  • csnomad says:

    What difference does it make what colour Jesus was? You’ll be surprised when you meet him and dammed unhappy for eternity if you don’t! There has always been the BIGGER picture with the inaccurate portrayal of history especially when it denies the truth. Accepting that people of all colours have played a part in history is enough.Its bad enough that there were no black disciples according to the pictures of the last supper that i’ve seen? A picture of a black pope not in the vatican – Get real

  • camille says:

    Race did not exisist 2000 years ago…geographical birth was THE only thing that mattered aside from social status and gender. All representations of Plato show that while Greek he would be racially defined as black today. The asthetic of the sephardem 2000 years ago would never be considered white today. The debate is thrilling but it is strange that some put negative/positve judgements on black/white. Yes, Edison invented the light bulb but why would anyone be threatened by black history month? Those people have made significant contributions to the world and are forced to sound their own horn because we don’t want to be confronted with other cultures or our own ignorance.Black popes ??? Likely, but it is more probable that they were semetic or Berbers. The mystery is FANTASTIC !!!

  • jesus experienced a slavish death, being beaten, thighed up, treated as an inferior
    during centuries black people suffered the same trial,
    his real descendent.
    duribg his lifetime, he cast out devils, cure the sick.
    today africa is the continent of diseases and evilness.

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