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Every few years I forget why I don’t use Mass Transit. Then, every few years, I take Mass Transit and remind myself why. We left the Comic Con late afternoon today, picked up our bags at the hotel and went to the Convention Center Light Rail stop (Northbound). 20+ minutes later no trains had come northbound. Two Southbound trains had come by. Then the Oriole game let out. Another 20+ minutes, 2 more southbound trains and still no northbound trains.

Finally a northbound train arrives (at this point the stop is over capacity shoulder to shoulder with Orioles fans). The train is a single car train going to Penn Station. Five minutes later, a real northbound train arrives. We jam onto it as best we can (ever seen those videos of the Japanese subways?) and start our trek north. A few stops up the line we get the annoucement that the train will be stopping at North Ave and everyone will have to get off. A ‘bus bridge’ is supposedly in place to take us from North Ave to Falls Rd where we are to get back on a train north.

We are at the North Ave station for 15+ minutes with no buses in sight while two more trains have dropped off two more over capacity loads of passengers. Finally a bus shows up! We manage to get on the first bus. This bus ride lasts for all of 30 seconds as the driver proceeds to SIDESWIPE A CAR THAT WAS WAITING AT THE RED LIGHT while everyone in the bus was yelling at him to watch out for the car (see the picture). Bus driver gets out and just leaves without saying a word. Finally Transit Police tell us to exit the bus. Another 15+ minutes and more buses start to trickle in yet can’t navigate the ambulance and taxi cabs that have begun to swarm. We manage to get on another bus at some point and start moving North again (keep in mind I’m having to manage our bags from our hotel stay this entire time). We make it the to Falls Road station, board another train and…… sit for 25 minutes. Janice is waiting for us at the Hunt Valley station (end of the line) and says a train has been sitting there for a while as well and is not moving. I’ve lost track of time at this point but eventually we leave the station and start moving north again. Station after station we’re getting closer to our destination.

Then, as a final kick in the balls, just when we think we’re home free… Transit police board the train to do a ticket check…. you know, just in case we all weren’t completely pissed off by now they just want to make sure we are.

It took us over THREE AND A HALF HOURS to go from the Convention Center to Hunt Valley. I should have just paid the damned $50 to park at the hotel for the weekend.

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