(originally posted on Facebook but I though the story was worth archiving here as well)

Last night I fell asleep laying on my office floor watching TV. Woke up a few hours later…. a bit groggy but I needed to use the facilities. While I was in the bathroom, still half asleep, I felt a bit of a tickle near my right ear but didn’t pay it much attention. As I turned to face the mirror, I slowly realized that the tickle was in fact a large Wolf Spider that was sitting on my face between my ear and my eye.

Without any thinking at all… purely on reflex… before my brain could even process what was going on…. I proceeded to punch myself in the face harder than I’ve ever been punched before. I literally knocked myself back a few steps. If it wasn’t for the wall I may have gone down. As I was recovering I see the spider strolling out of the bathroom and down the hall. If I didn’t know any better I could swear it flipped me off.

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