I’ve recently had some good experiences dealing with some companies and their products.  As the Internet seems to be 95% bitching, I thought I’d put something positive online for a change.

Zenith Products Corp:

Picked up some of their items at the local Home Depot for a bathroom remodel.  Nothing special…  in this case just a package of roller shower hooks.  Problem is two of them were broken.  Sent the company a complaint email and they responded by mailing me a complete replacement set of hooks.  Received it two days after I sent the email.


Two weeks ago I was doing an inventory of my camping gear.  I noticed that the glass percolator top for my coffee maker had somehow cracked in half.  I contacted Texsport asking if they sold replacements.  Instead of selling them to me, they just mailed me two replacement glass tops.


Using one of my computers a few weeks ago it just shut off.  Tried powering it back on and got nothing.  No fans, no post code beeps….  nothing.  Noticed that the video card was hot.  Burning hot.  The GPU fan must have failed and cooked the card.  Pulled the card (Nvidia based 1GB 9600GSO), hooked up to the internal video and the machine ran without a problem.  I was about to toss the card when on a whim I decided to check how old it was.  Turns out it was a few years old but I noticed on the Newegg invoice that it supposedly had a lifetime warranty.  I opened a ticket with XFX.  They sent me an RMA number and I spent $11 to ship it out to CA.  They checked it, verified it was dead and sent me a brand new ATI 5570 650M 1Gb.

So…  three good customer services experiences over the course of a month.  That’s pretty impressive.

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