Is litigation taking the ‘play’ out of kids’ playgrounds?

Today, kids find themselves grounded, victims of a culture of fear and injury litigation.

A growing number of school districts are going so far as to ban the game of tag and are even posting signs that read “no running on the playground.”

Is there real danger on the modern playground?

Safety advocates say yes and want to eliminate it.

Their first target: swing sets.

They’ve convinced Portland Public Schools to remove all swings from elementary schools playgrounds.

I’ve mentioned before that people annoy me right? Right.

But the safety advocates don’t stop there.

Portland Public Schools have also rejected merry go rounds, tube slides, track rides, arch climbers, and teeter totters.

Break out the bubble wrap!

Our lawsuit happy culture has schools and parks installing low-to-the-ground play structures that some have derided as “dumbed down.”

Now, it seems, anything with moving parts is a lawsuit liability, and in some places, that even means moving legs.

In Broward County, Florida, there’s a new rule on the playground: no running.

Frikkin’ hell people! They’re KIDS. Let them be KIDS. This may sound shocking to some, but as a father of three I can tell you, they’re pretty damn durable. The article mentions that there were 17 deaths from playground injuries. Excuse for sounding cold-hearted but… thats it? Thats right about on par with the number of toddlers who drown in 5 gallon buckets. Shall we go into the number of kids who are killed in pools, car accidents, bike and skateboard accidents per year? I’m guessing its a bit more that 17. We gonna ban them as well?

Crap like this also explains why the tiny, useless and completely non-fun new playground at my kids elementary school cost over $25K. A good amount of that for the 6 inch thick ‘rubberized’ surface. Useless.

This article was also mentioned on A good series of comments there. This one in particular made me laugh out loud because, yeah, done that (both actually):

Slappy Kincaid: how about good old fashioned rock fights? now that was a good time in the alley where i grew up.

Okay, but if you’ve never played tag with Roman candles, you suck at life.

Come on people, let kids play. Otherwise they’ll go insane sitting in chairs inside all day and we’ll see a epidemic rise in kids being drugged because they’re ‘hyperactive’ and have ‘ADD/ADHD’… oh wait…

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  • jaboobie says:

    Oh man, rock fights and roman candle tag, good times. I remember getting smashed IN THE EYE during a rock fight. But I didn’t run home or cry because that was the rule, first one to quit or cry loses.

    We even played tag with BLOWDARTS. The great thing about that was there was no cheating, you knew when you hit somebody because it’s hard to keep quiet when you get a blowdart in the ass.

    Games like that will teach you more important stuff than anything you can learn in a classroom.

    The lesson “Area of Circle = Pie*Radius Squared” is less practical than “Always turn your head when someone shoots a roman candle at you.”

  • Rob Carlson says:

    I bet plastic slides don’t get hot enough to melt the skin off your legs on a summer day either.

    As a kid, I played in a 50 foot wide, 10 foot deep curved hole in the ground (formerly the foundation of an old firehouse) we called “the pit.” If you got a good running start from the far end, you could get about 6 feet of air on your bike without even trying.

    It’s a wonder I’ve still got my junk intact after a few of those landings.

  • psychophil says:

    Nope, the plastic slides don’t get any near as hot… they also don’t slide anywhere near as fast either. They suck.

    Yeah… bike jumps. I used to put on a Baltimore Colts football helmet and jump my Mongoose BMX bike over every damn thing I could find playing Evil Knievel. I don’t think I ever made it. See? A helmet. I actually had some sense (though I didn’t know it at the time, it wasn’t a real football helmet).

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