We’ve finally adopted a dog. She’s a 7 month old Labrador Retriever,Terrier Mix (best anyone can tell).

Or I should say, we’ve finally been allowed to adopt a dog.

I tell ‘ya, we really wanted to do the ‘right’ thing and adopt a dog from a shelter for a while now (we’ve been looking for at least four months). The shelters don’t make it easy. Some of them are just downright insane with their requirements. I’ve had some insist on THREE seperate home visits and multiuple ‘supervised interactions’ at the shelter before they’ll submit their animal to the potential torturous hell-hole that is our home. Some wanted to see pay stubs, others wanted us to submit our kids to psychiatric evaluations and release the results to them. SCREW THE LOT OF THEM. Seriously. I mean I understand wanting to find good home for the animals but christ, do you want to adopt out the animals or not? I was days from just giving up and buying a puppy from a breeder.

Luckly we found someone up in York who was very resonable with the adoption. One visit to play with the dog, two references and two days later (with a check of course) and she’s ours. Thats somebody who actually wants to find homes for the animals she’s taking care of.

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  • SC says:

    Can you pass on the name of the place you found your dog? I haven’t even been able to get past filling out the application at the insane “rescue” shelters before I give up in disgust.

  • Cham Green says:

    That is a very nice looking dog.

  • Neckbone says:

    Are you fucking kidding me that the shelters make it that difficult? I understand making sure you’re not a psycho (heh) but come on- it’s not like you’re adopting a kid…

  • psychophil says:

    Hey, SC can back me up on this. He’s been looking for a dog also. Hell, I actually found a small clause in a contract from one super-nutcase place that said I would give them permission to visit the home a couple times a year FOR THE LIFE OF THE ANIMAL. I’m going to see if the wife still has that one tucked away…

  • Leslie says:

    Ha! We tried to adopt a pug. The anal-retentive woman running the pug rescue had 16 dogs in her house and wasn’t about to part with any of them.

    After weeks of getting the runaround and jumping through one hoop after another, I called to tell her to take us off her waiting list because we’d given up hope of ever getting a rescued pug from her.

    She told me it was just as well, as she’d already decided not to let us have a pug because we had a pool, and just hadn’t gotten around to letting us know yet.

    We ended up at the county animal shelter and got a wonderful, sweet tempered, female corgi mix. That was eight years ago. I think of the crazy pug lady now and then and wonder if she ever let any of those dogs be adopted out.

  • epiph says:

    The dog looks nice. What did you name her?

    I wonder if the rough adoption policies are a PA thing, or what. I got my dog at the Maryland SPCA shelter here in Baltimore. The only check was a short interview and lease agreement that pets were allowed. Easy as cake.

  • psychophil says:

    epiph: it really seems to vary greatly from shelter to shelter. The wackiest place we delt with was in Westminister, MD. Animal Rescue, Inc. (which is listed as an ASPCA shelter) in Maryland Line was better, but had the home visitation requirements (not to mention the person we talked to wasn’t happy that we had three kids). Like Leslie said; sometimes you get the impression that the people really don’t want to adopt out the animals. We did deal with the Baltimore County Animal Shelter many years ago when we adopted a cat and I do remember them being very reasonable. I think there was an issue this time about us no longer being MD residents, but I could be mistaken.

    As for the name, I have no idea. The kids are still fighting over it.

  • tammy says:

    Omb I just adopted a male puppy he looks identical ! Can u please tell me how big she has gotten thank you so much……Tammy Browne centerville ohio

  • psychophil says:

    About the size of your average Lab.

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