Just like red light cameras.

99.9% of Those Stopped in Connecticut DUI Roadblock Are Innocent

Police in Danbury, Connecticut declared a holiday drunk driving roadblock operation where 99.9% of the motorists stopped were not drunk a complete success. Officials plan to continue the roadblocks through New Year’s weekend, even though of more than a thousand stopped last week, police made only one DUI arrest.

So why was it considered a success you ask?

The roadblock was declared a success because officers were able to issue a number of tickets for offenses unrelated to drinking. Twenty-nine expensive tickets were handed out to drivers who forgot to bring their licenses, and fifteen cars were towed because the operator didn’t have the registration paperwork in the vehicle.

DING DING DING! We have a winner! Expensive tickets.

Honestly I’m a bit amazed about the uproar over NSA wiretaps when most people seem to think nothing of the police setting up random checkpoints to literally check your papers and even search your vehicle if you ‘raise suspicion’.

Not to worry though, I’m sure as the years go on, these checkpoints will net ever increasing arrests. With groups like M.A.D.D. successfully campaigning to get blood alchohol limits lowered again and again, pretty soon everybody who has a as much as a single beer or glass of wine with dinner is going to be smacked with a DUI.

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