GOP bill eliminates auto emissions inspections

HARRISBURG — House Republican leaders are pushing for major changes in the state’s vehicle inspection program, totally eliminating emissions testing and reducing required safety inspections from once a year to once every two years.

“The new cars … are so clean that it negates the necessity of that [emissions inspection] practice,” said Rep. Rick Geist, R-Altoona, chairman of the House Transportation Committee, who’s leading the effort. “The onboard diagnostics of the cars are so good, you don’t really need to go get the car tested.

“Since the year 2000, we’ve virtually had very, very clean air. As we get more and more new cars, there’s less and less air pollution.”

Hmmmm… I seem to remember reading something very close to this about two years ago. Oh yeah, I did read something very similar to this two years ago, because I wrote it.

The yearly PA inspections/emissions tests have been a thorn in my side since I’ve moved over the PA line. Requiring these tests yearly is overkill, especially when the emissions test is just a bogus extra charge. They’re nothing more than a tax ‘hidden’ as additional fees.

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  • aharden says:

    Let’s hope enough of the reps have been ripped off by the service stations that initially gouged for this service that they’ll want to eliminate or at least curb it. I like your original article; I don’t know that I was reading you at the time.

    I had a fairly well-trafficked (and commented) entry about this in January ’04: PA Emissions Inspection BS.

  • Jonathan says:

    I sure hope this goes through. Until last year I was able to get away from the emissions because I kept a Perry County address even though I didn’t live in Perry County. But last year I had to pay for the emissions test which I believe was $50 or $60. The woman who owned the garage told me it’s just a way for the state to get money. She ran down some numbers for me giving me a rough estimate for how many inspections they do each month and how much she needs to pay the state for each inspection. Take that number and multiply it by the number of cars that need emissions testing in Dauphin County and you can see a huge monthly income for the state/county (not really sure who gets that money).

    My inspection is due in January. Wonder if I’ll need to pass emissions.

  • Greg says:

    This way bigger than just paying the state for a sticker that the manufacture of all vehicles in the us are covered under 8yrs 100,000 federally .
    The state gets highway money for vehicle test , does not matter that the On Board Diagnostics can tell if there is a problem with the emissions system on the vehicle .
    Lets say the computer throws a code , by default the check engine light will be on and as in the emissions test the vehicle is plugged and will also have a code loaded into the system .
    Means your vehicle needs to be repaired … it fails .
    We now have a test we plug in to the vehicle to test for codes and then we test the fuel cap .
    I contacted the state and asked them why they did not trust the onboard diagnostics from the manufactures and why would they trust the air bags to work if they don’t believe the sensor in the tank that senses fuel pressure .
    There is no reason new vehicles should have emissions for the first 5yrs at a minimum .
    There is a congressman Elder Vogel who is on our side to repeal and amend the states emissions laws and you should really check him out .

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