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One of the office buildings I regularly spend a bit of my work week at is advertised as a ‘green’ building.  Reused materials, solar panels, recycling program, etc.  Along with this theme they have a grand total of 17 parking spots around the building that have signs posted that say ‘For Green Vehicles Only’.  After the handicapped spots, they are the prime parking areas.

Every time I’ve been at this building, every one of these spots has been empty.

A couple of weeks ago I had a bit of an epiphany.  As a result of said epiphany, I parked my Ford F-150 Crew Cab truck in a spot reserved for ‘green’ vehicles.  On my way to leave I was accosted buy building management (with a member of building security in tow).

‘You can’t park that here!’


‘It’s clearly marked for GREEN vehicles ONLY!’

‘So it is….  and?’

‘That THING is clearly NOT green!’ (Yes, he called my baby a ‘thing’. Bastard.)

‘Sure it is.’

‘What?  How?’

‘It’s a flex fuel vehicle.  In fact, I’m currently running E85.’


‘Ethanol.  E85 Ethanol.  Corn gas.  Green.’

‘That’s not what we meant!’

‘Well you don’t do a very good job of explaining it.’

‘Just don’t park it here again’ and he stormed off (security wandered off a bit earlier…  I think to keep from laughing)

In any case…  I was back at this building today and noticed something.  About a third of the spots that were previously marked as green were no long marked at all.  It looks like the unwashed parking masses were now allowed to use them.

The other spots?  They all had new shiny signs….  ‘For Hybrid Vehicles Only’.

They were also all empty.


Funny how there are so many of us with the exact same story in regards to our dyndns accounts.  There’s no way this can be a coincidence.

I too had my long standing (years) free dyndns account deleted.  I was using the ‘’ domain which now just happens to be a ‘premium’ domain only available to paying members.  I received the change warning email.  At that time I checked my router (flashed with DD-WRT) and it was logging into my dyndns account and making the required changes on a regular basis.  According to the change email I had nothing to worry about.  A few months later my domain no longer works and my account is completely gone.  Sitting in my inbox was the ‘account deleted’ email.  This was the first email I had received from dyndns since the change email (mail filters put all mail from dyndns in its own box).

Dyndns, if you couldn’t keep providing the free service, that’s fine.  Just let us know and give us some warning so we don’t discovers the hard way that our setups aren’t suddenly broken.  This was a poor way to handle the situation.  Who’s to say you wouldn’t pull this same kind of stunt with paying customers further on down the road.

I’ve switched to no-ip as well ( domain FTW!).

Thanks for the DNS service dyndns.  It was fun while it lasted.

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