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The new Delicious site it up.

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I received a link to this youtube video via email from a friend:

Pretty cool video though I’m not sure I agree with the use of the music ‘The Imperial March’ as part of…

Wait…. WTF is that? Located at :38 on the video:

Some have suggested that this is nothing more than the Army testing their newest body armor. I think it’s pretty obvious that the Evil Robot Invasion(tm) has begun and I for one welcome our new robot overlords.

I just happened to notice this little blurb on the top of the main page:

You’ll have to log in again soon because the new Delicious is coming

Could this finally be the 2.0 version that has supposedly been in the works for almost a year? I mean seriously, its not like has been in desperate need of an upgrade for a few years now or anything. Whoops… make that Delicious. Apparently the periods are going away.

related: Dilapidated

Yes, I did.

As an added bonus, the shear number of fans (and giant dehumidifiers) in use are causing our UPSes (and a few circuit breakers) to complain.  I’m speculating that we are currently the most non-green building in Hunt Valley.

I had to run out of the office at lunch today to hit Lowes for a few parts. About 2 flights down I realized I had left my Treo in its cradle. I quickly decided against going back and getting it since I was just taking a quick trip and would be back in no time.

What could possibly go wrong?

Thirty minutes later I return from my errand and walk back into the lobby of the building. The sound of rushing water is unmistakable. I’m greeted by someone from the property management company with the title ‘Chief Engineer’ stitched on his uniform. He proceeds to explain that ‘there’s been a major water line break on the third floor’ (my floor) and they need to ‘shut off the power to the building for the rest of the day because it’s running down the electrical closets on each floor’.

Turns out this happened 5 minutes after I left and work had been calling me frantically to come back and start shutting down my servers/racks.

(just one section of the flood that hit about 1/3 of our floor)

A 1.5″ line in the restroom burst while it was being worked on. The had… difficulty… in finding the water shutoff. A 1.5″ line under pretty high pressure will put out a lot of water in a very short time. A lot. The fun part is that my computer is about 4 foot away from these restrooms directly across a hallway. As luck would have it we had no water penetration into our server room. The water followed the path of least resistance (up and down the hallways and down the stairwell and elevator shaft (and the phone/electrical rooms of course)).

Most of the office was already vacant since they had (obviously) closed the office for the day. Turns out there was a bit of a mass panic as everyone reached under their desks and flipped off their surge strips because of the quickly advancing water. Hopefully I won’t get too many people asking me to recover ‘lost’ work as a result of the sudden powerdowns.

Since my equipment was at least 4″ off the floor (racks) and I have a minimum of 1 hour battery runtime on each rack, I elected to try and keep everything running for as long as possible. Turns out that was the right call since once the water was finally shut off, the danger to the electrical rooms passed and they ended up not having to cut the power after all.

We still have 72 hours of big-ass blower fans and other restoration work to look forward to.

Next time I’m going back for the phone.

from WordPress 2.5.1 to 2.6. Painless as usual.

Though I do still have a rather annoying problem with RSS. The feed on my site appears to work fine but I cannot get an updated feed from anywhere else. Example: the RSS link on the right to my ‘Political Stuff’ blog. It never updates unless I manually go in and edit the widget. Then it pulls down a new copy of the current RSS feed. I would blame the widget for that except it also occurs on the dashboard back-end of the site. The display of the WordPress development RSS feed also never updates unless I force it. I’ve had this problem for a very long time over many versions of WordPress and its really starting to become annoying.

Because the first thought that went through my head was ‘That’s a Mustang’. Then I noticed the Chevy bowtie on the grill.

2010 Chevrolet Camaro Production Hornet Version

Chevy’s site: 2010 Chevy Camaro

Looks like Chevy is trying to cash in on the popularity of Ford’s newest Mustang design. Not very original. Personally I would have preferred they stayed closer to the design of the 67-68 Camaro RS/SS model; One of my favorite cars. If I wanted a Mustang I’d by a Ford.

Unbelievable. Even when they LOWER their price they figure out a way to screw me.

For the past couple of years my Comcast Cable/Internet bill has slowly creeped upwards. Recently it was about $105 per month. About $60 for Cable and $45 for Internet.

Imagine my surprise when I opened my most recent bill and saw that it was ~$67. Surely I had somehow overpaid the last bill and this was the result of a credit. Nope. That’s my new cable amount. Seems Comcast has rolled out a new cable/internet bundle in my area and… surprise, surprise… automatically switched me over to it. Wah-lah…. $42 bucks cheaper a month.

Or so it would seem.

Here’s the rub. Since I use my home Internet connection fairly extensively for work, I am allowed to expense it out. At least I was. I used to be able to submit a copy of my cable bill every month for a petty cash payout covering the Internet portion. Problem is that the new bill lists the internet portion as a big fat ZERO on the monthly amount. What does that mean in Accountant speak? No more comp payouts.

So… did you notice how they dropped the bill $42 and my Internet used to cost $45? That means that even when they drop $42 off my bill those evil bastards still manage to increase my monthly out of pocket expenses another $3.

and I still haven’t fully recovered.

We returned this past sunday from our yearly summer vacation.  Spent a week in the Williamsburg, VA area starting at Great Wolf Lodge for 4 days then on to Kings Creek Plantation.  Decided to play the time share game while at Kings Creekand spent just over two hours going through a tour/sales presentation.  Yeah…  I hear you laughing….  but those two hours not only came with a free breakfast, but also got me five Bush Gardens and five Colonial Williamsburg tickets.   That totals well over $400 face value.  Not a bad return for just two hours.

I don’t think I’ve walked this much in any other week in my life.  Four days of climbing stairs to do the waterslides in Great Wolf (and I’ve got three kids.  I can’t just go once.  I ride with one I then have to ride with the other two.  Every.  Damn.  Time.).  Oh yeah, did I mention running all over the damn hotel with three kids playing MagiQuest?  Then there’s the required (according to the wife) shopping at the outlet malls.  Then walking the entire Bush Gardens park no less than three times in a day.  THEN deciding to move in for the kill at spending an entire day walking around Colonial and downtown Williamsburg.

I need a golf cart.

I always forget just how busy things get around here this time of the year. Every local township/borough goes into serious ‘small town’ mode and fires up the Forth of July Parades, Carnivals and fireworks. They’re all well planned as to not overlap any other local event. That means for about four weeks through June/July there is always some kind of carnival/parade/something going on close to home.

Of course the kids want to go to every damn one and bug me incessantly about it. Luckily for me I’m well practiced in the use of the word ‘no’. The get to go to one carnival and they have to go on armband night ‘all you can ride for one price’.

I’m also beginning to realize the more my kids get involved in the local community, the more it causes me to be involved as well. This year all three are involved in different parades for different associations. Of course that means instead of watching the one local Forth of July parade, I now get to sit through three parades on three consecutive weekends. It would be more fun if the parades weren’t all so damn similar.  In fact the only real difference I’ve noticed in any of the parades so far has been the appearance of a group of Mummers from Philadelphia  (a section of the Avalon String Band).

Avalong String Band

(you’ll notice it wasn’t a string section that showed from the String Band)

A refreshing change from the sea of Volunteer Fire Companies, Police cars, local township vehicles and local businesses and churches that normally make up about 90% of these parades.

Carnival, originally uploaded by psychophil.

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