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A couple of days ago I stopped in the Hunt Valley Gamestop to pick up a DS game for the oldest daughters birthday. I quickly found what I was looking for and headed for the counter. Unfortunately for me, the two clerks currently on duty were involved in a very heated, loud and thought provoking discussion. It went something like this (paraphrased, but 99% accurate):

clerk1: All I’m saying is that I don’t like Racer X in the movie. They totally changed his costume and didn’t stay faithful to the original show.

clerk2: But it looks much cooler now! The original black mask with white spandex looked stupid.

clerk1: But thats the way it was! They shouldn’t go messing with the basic cannon of the show.

clerk2: But dude! The white spandex costume just looked so gay! It was horrible.

clerk1: It didn’t look that gay!

clerk2: Yes, it did. It looked totally gay. The new all black costume is much cooler.

clerk1: What about Batman?! He wears spandex and I don’t hear you calling him gay.

clerk2: Thats because Batman wore spandex to dress like a giant, scary BAT! That’s totally not gay!

me: Hey! GUYS! Can I buy this now or what?

I swear it was like I was stuck in some Kevin Smith movie. Honestly, it was actually kind of pathetic. These guys looked to be at least in their mid-twenties and this was some serious shit to them.

The kicker was that they couldn’t actually find the game I was trying to buy so I ended having to stop buy the Shrewsbury Gamestop on the way home and get it there. Fortunately there was no gay spandex movie fight going on at that location.

If you just ignore the obvious.

Vista selling really well, says Ballmer

“Vista sells on almost 100 per cent of all the new consumer PCs around the world,” the Microsoft CEO proclaimed. He added that the operating system was also selling on, “45 percent of all of new business PCs”. Which is enlightening, since business users are about the ony buyers of new PCs that get a choice.

Which really is the point isn’t it? You can’t exactly walk into a Best Buy or WalMart and pick up an XP box anymore can you? Microsoft took care of that little issue a while ago. The only place you can get an XP box (that I’m aware of) is online and thats getting more difficult by the day.

In any case, I maintain that Vista’s actual numbers are inflated. Just because a machine shipped with Vista doesn’t mean its actually running Vista when it hits a users desk. Case in point: we just did a hardware refresh for five laptops in the company. Every one shipped with Vista install but that so called operating system was blown away with an XP install as soon as they hit our bench. Microsoft still counts those as Vista installs. Second case in point: we just recently rolled out an upgrade to 50+ desktop machines moving them from Windows 2000 to XP Pro. Of course you can’t actually buy Windows XP volume licenses anymore. You have to buy Vista volume licenses which, while currently allowing you to install XP instead of Vista, are actually recorded as Vista sales.

Vista just simply is not doing as well as Microsoft would have you believe.

A few years ago I wrote about an experience I had in the (back then) new Baltimore Orioles stadium Camden Yards. I’ve related the story many times since then but many times people simply do no believe me. So once again, I’ll refer back to my ‘I used to love Baseball‘ entry and the time an usher told me to shut up.

Once I got in, I watched men in suits drink wine and eat pastrami sandwiches while reading the paper or having a ‘client meeting’. They didn’t even appear to know there was a game going on. And if you can believe it, I was ’shushed’ by an usher because people nearby complained I was cheering too loud!

Yup. People have a hard time believing I was told to shut my trap for cheering at a Baseball game (for the home team no less).

So… as exhibit A in my attempt to defend my story, I present you with this article from todays Baltimore Examiner:

Hey, whose ballpark is this anyway?

It certainly was a great night to be an Orioles fan — one so great Thompson, 23, and Ward, 21, will remember it forever.
After all, it’s not every day you are honored by your beloved team for being the “Fans of the Game” one inning — and then get thrown out like Uncle Phil tossing D.J. Jazzy Jeff out of the Fresh Prince’s mansion the next.

side note: I’d just like to say that I have no clue as to why the author made that Will Smith reference here. Really, I can’t figure it out. Anyways….

The reason they were shown the exit faster than a Danys Baez fastball? Thompson, Ward and Co. apparently cheered too loudly for the home team that — get this — surrounding Red Sox fans complained enough to have the crew kicked out just minutes after being highlighted on the Jumbotron.

Thats right…. Just minutes after they had been selected as the Orioles ‘Fans of the Game’, they are removed from the stadium for cheering too loudly.

Admittedly I’d like to hear the other side of the story. Was there profanity, threats or anything else inappropriate for a ballpark? It sure doesn’t look like it. The Orioles aren’t talking about what happened and there where quite a few people who were at the game who called into a local radio show supporting the ejected fans saying that they did nothing wrong. Right now it doesn’t look good for the Orioles.

Money quote from the story:

It’s bad enough we’ve had to watch bad baseball for 10 years, then they do things like this on top of it,” Thompson, a Parkville resident, said. “Some of us still support and love them, but the same ushers who reprimand Orioles fans let Sox and Yankees fans chant, stand and do whatever they want. They take over our stadium, and we’re the ones who are asked to leave. Go ahead and kick out the true fans they still have and see where it gets them.”

I’m reminded of the movie Major League. Maybe Angelos wants to move to team someplace warmer so he’s doing everything in his power to get attendance down to zero. If thats the case, its working.

Memo to Mr. Angelos and minions: Marketing doesn’t always mean having the catchiest jingle or leading the league in floppy hat and bobblehead giveaways. Often times, the best marketing is free. It’s in the way you treat people — the ones who spend their hard-earned dollars so the Orioles can pay grown men millions to play a kids’ game.

Yup… I used to love Baseball. Thank god for the Minor and Little leagues…. because thats all I care about anymore.

edit: And now you know how I spent a large part of my day. Including having to dial back in to the office when a quagga install on one of our main routers decided it wasn’t too happy with the update. A couple of hours after it went on.

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I took advantage of the weather today to take a quick hike around Oregon Ridge Park this afternoon. I quickly discovered that most of the larger buildings I had photographed the last time we hiked around there had been either razed to the ground or demolished to their foundation. I understand they were probably a safety hazard but its mildly depressing to see bits of history unceremoniously removed.

Lately I keep seeing the commercials for the new Speed Racer movie.  Each and every time they open up with the statement ‘From the creators of The Matrix trilogy’.  You know, almost as if being the ‘creator’ of The Matrix Trilogy is a good thing.

Lets make this clear.  The movie The Matrix, all by itself, was absolutely incredible.  The Matrix TRILOGY however, sucked.  It ranks right up there with the Highlander/Highlander 2 debacle.

They should drop the ‘trilogy’ bit from the promo and just say The Matrix.  Trust me.

First up….

The ‘Indian Baby Dropping Ritual’

Muslims in western India have been observing a bizarre ritual – they’ve been throwing their young children off a tall building to improve their health.


Man Arrested Trying To Cash $360 Billion Check

Police in Texas said a 21-year-old man was arrested and accused of trying to cash a check for $360 billion.

This wasn’t a case of a guy not knowing how many zeros he put on the end of the check, he actually wrote out Three Hundred and Sixty Billion in the check amount.

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