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I just happened to come across this picture in the Baltimore Sun while browsing through their site this morning.


Caption: Few Orioles fans made their way to Camden Yards last night for the game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. By game’s end, the Orioles had lost nine in a row. (Sun photo by Gene Sweeney Jr. / August 30, 2007)

Original picture location here. Not sure how long that link will last.

What an absolutely pathetic turnout. I’d be willing to bet more people show up for a weekend Atlantic League minor league game than the number of people in the seats at Camden Yards. Then again… after the 30 to 3 debacle as well as a string of loses (9 as of this writing) what can you really expect. Many Major League Baseball fans seem to be the very definition of a ‘fair weather fan’ anymore.


Opus Akbar by Cox & Forkum

Washington Post, Other Newspapers Won’t Run ‘Opus’ Cartoon Mocking Radical Islam

The Washington Post and several other newspapers around the country did not run Sunday’s installment of Berkeley Breathed’s “Opus,” in which the spiritual fad-seeking character Lola Granola appears in a headscarf and explains to her boyfriend, Steve, why she wants to become a radical Islamist.

Isn’t the Opus Cartoon That the Washington Post Refused to Run Quite Tame?

The Post is of course entitled to run or not run whatever cartoons it prefers. Still, we’re equally entitled to discuss and, when sensible, criticize its editorial judgment. And it seems to be an odd judgment here. An Editor & Publisher column reports that managers at the Washington Post Writers Group give two possible reasons: “a sex joke a little stronger than we normally see” and that some papers “won’t publish any Muslim-related humor, whether pro or con.” Yet the sex joke seems quite tame — as best I can tell, it’s that Steve Dallas “won’t be getting” sex from the girlfriend who converted to being a “radical Islamist.” And the reference to Islam seems quite tame, too.

Seems pretty tame to me. Judge for yourself. The ‘offending’ strip can be seen right here.

Hyper sensitive political correctness. Then again, its not like recent history hasn’t given them a reason to be wary. Its just disappointing that they capitulated so easily.

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Doing a bit of channel surfing just now I happened to come across the Orioles/Texas game. I sat there for a bit watching it all the while wondering in the back of my mind why the network was showing football scores.

It finally dawned on me that the 21-3 score wasn’t a football score, but the actual score of the ballgame I was watching.

Whoops. Texas just hit a three run homer. Make that 24-3. Looks like thats a new record for runs scored this season.

Turns out the O’s are good for something after all.

Edit: Good God. The final score ended up being 30 to 3.

Rangers’ 30 runs sets AL record in rout of Orioles

The Rangers’ 30 runs sets a modern MLB record, surpassing the mark of 29 runs that were scored by the Red Sox (June 8, 1950) and White Sox (April 23, 1955). It’s the second-most runs all-time as the Chicago Colts (now the Cubs) scored 36 against the Louisville Colonels on June 29, 1897.

Could it be worse? Well yeah. It was the first game of a double header. The Orioles lost the second game as well (9-7). Did I mention that Texas is currently the team in last place?

I can’t image what it feels like to be an Oriole right now.

Who’s the MLB player flying high right now?

“It was AMAZING in capital letters,” said Travis Metcalf, who hit a grand slam after being called up from Triple-A Oklahoma earlier in the day.

edit: Corrected ‘Detroit’ reference (thanks JJT). Don’t know how that snuck in there… might have been watching the Detroit game while I was typing.

(alternate title: because what else is the internet for if not to bitch about things?)

Last night was supposed to be Southern York County Community Night at the York Revolution game. This game was not included as part of our season ticket package but we bought tickets since the youngest daughters softball team had been invited to go onto the field with the players during the national anthem. Youngest daughter was extremely excited about this and had been talking about it constantly for the past week.

The problems started with the weather we’ve been having over the past few days. The games from Sunday and Monday night had both been rained out. At this point the league was getting desperate to get some games in. Because of this, they changed last nights games from a single to a double header (two seven inning games for time). This is where things start falling apart. Because they switched to a double header, they moved the start time up one hour to 6:05pm. This means the softball team has to be there at 5:50p instead of 6:50p. I find this out while I’m at work in Hunt Valley at about 4:20. I race out of work early to try and beat rush hour traffic. I make it home at 5. Running around to get jackets, rain gear, gloves, tickets and all that crap we make it out of the house a 5:20. It takes 30 minutes to get to the stadium parking on a good day. Yesterday we made it all the way to the ticket gate at 5:50 on the nose.

Here’s where it gets fun.

I notice the ticket people are holding some new hand scanners. Since the stadium is still under construction, they’ve been tearing tickets by hand as you come into the stadium. Looks like yesterday was the day they decided to play with some new toys. I hand my five tickets over the to taker and they get scanned. Every one errors out with ‘access denied’. At the next gate over I notice another girl from the softball team standing there with her father. They’re having the same problems. Looks like all the tickets sold at Sports of Course in Shrewsbury for Community Night are coming up access denied. Of course, as usually happens when a computer is involved, the person who is operating the computer’s response is to simply shut off their brain and blame the computer. After trying to scan the tickets repeatedly, then calling over a manager, whose solution is to try and scan the tickets repeatedly I’m told I need to go the main box office and sort out the ticket problem.

This is where I start to get pissed off. I explain that my daughter is supposed to go onto the field before the game and even though I busted my ass getting there on time for an earlier start time, I was now being held up AT THE GATE because of a new and obviously faulty ticket system. I also explained that its obvious that by looking at the date on the ticket that they for that nights game and that I seriously doubted someone would be creating counterfeit tickets for an Atlantic League team. Not to mention the fact that there were now THREE little girls from the same softball team all having the same problem with tickets bought from the same location. Can’t someone there connect the dots? One of the ticket managers explained they were worried about doubled up seats since because of some ticket sales that weren’t properly recorded so I needed to go to the ticket window to get it sorted out. My direct, and not to friendly, response was ‘Its a Tuesday night game with crappy weather. Do you REALLY think you’re going to have any shortage of seats tonight? By the way, this is most definitely NOT the way to treat your fans the very day you sent out emails asking the season ticket holders, like me, to renew our plans.’ After a pause, our tickets are ripped, and we’re allowed through the gate.

Problem is it’s now too late. Its 6pm and the game starts in 5 minutes. Since almost half the softball team was stuck outside of the gates, they canceled the on-field bit since enough girls didn’t ‘show up’. I corrected the events employee by making clear she knew that we all had in fact ‘showed up’ and were on time (despite the short notice on the earlier start time) we just weren’t allowed in.

To top it off, the Revolution ended up playing one of the worst games I’ve seen them play yet. There wasn’t a single player on that team that looked like they even wanted to be there. They where the absolute definition of the term lollygaggers. It was pathetic. Even my daughter asked ‘what’s wrong with them tonight?’ They ended up losing the first game 7-0. I overheard another fan trying to excuse the crappy play by saying it was ‘too cold’ for them to play. I pointed out that it didn’t seem too damn cold for the team who scored 7 runs.

They did eventually end up taking the softball team down to the dugout to meet the players in between games but buy this time it had already starting raining a bit. They pulled out the tarp (see previous entry) and we waited a while but the rain just kept coming down harder. They called the second game at 9:30. My daughter ended up getting a few autographs on a ball which seemed to make her a bit happier but she said she would have preferred to go out on the field as planned.

Pretty sad when the highlight of the night is a tossup between watching the grounds crew pull the tarp out and splashing around in puddles in the parking lot on the way back to the car.

Rain Delay, originally uploaded by psychophil.

August 21st Double header. York Revolution v. Road Warriors at York. 2nd game rained out.

I walk into a Gamestop to buy the youngest daughter a birthday present (nintendogs) and end up walking out with one of these as well.

What can I say… it was shiny. Really shiny.

side note: My youngest daughter is now 8 years old. When the hell did that happen? I mean wasn’t my oldest daughter 8 years old a few weeks ago? Can we stop the fast forwarding time thing?

While at the York Revolution game the other night, I noticed a number of flyers around the stadium advertising the Oriole Advocates and their ‘Cardboard to Leather‘ program which collects used baseball equipment and ships it to Latin America. What caught my eye was this picture on the flyer:


Actually, what really caught my eye were the four kids front left who appear to be flashing gang signs. At least two of them look to be be gang signs for the Latin Kings.


This is the same photo that was used in the flyer for the Cardboard to Leather collection held at Camden Yards during Latino Night last month (link to flyer on Oriole Advocate site (.doc file))

You’d think somebody would have caught that by now and used a different picture.

In my post yesterday, I had a link to the story over at Little Green Footballs detailing the false caption that AFP released with one of its photos. Below is a screenshot of the photo along with the original caption:


If you can’t make it out, the caption reads:

AFP/Yahoo!News Caption: Tuesday August 14, 2007: An elderly Iraqi woman shows two bullets which she says hit her house following an early coalition forces raid in the predominantly Shiite Baghdad suburb of Sadr City. At least 175 people were slaughtered on Tuesday and more than 200 wounded when four suicide truck bombs targeted people from an ancient religious sect in northern Iraq, officials said.(AFP/Wissam al-Okaili)

I emphasize: two bullets which hit her house following an early coalition forces raid

Anyone who has even the slightest knowledge about firearms can see that those are unfired rounds. The only way they ‘hit’ her house is if they fell from the sky or someone threw them. So what we have here is a photographer in a war zone who either has absolutely no idea on how firearms function (knowledge which I consider a prerequisite if you’re going to be in a combat zone) OR who wants to run with the story ‘Americans shoot at little old ladies’.

As you might have noticed, this picture caused quite an uproar yesterday. So much so that the original was removed. A little bit a searching and copy of the image was found over at Getty Images. This one bears a ‘corrected’ caption. However, as Ace of Spades HQ points out, the correction is not a 100% correction. Here’s the new caption:

CORRECTS BULLETS TO UNSPENT An elderly Iraqi woman holds up two unspent bullets at her house following an early coalition forces raid in the predominantly Shiite Baghdad suburb of Sadr City, 14 August 2007. US and Iraqi troops carried out massive assaults against Shiite militants, killing four in Baghdad’s volatile slum of Sadr City, and arresting several more across Iraq, the military said today. AFP PHOTO / WISSAM AL-OKAILI (Photo credit should read WISSAM AL-OKAILI/AFP/Getty Images)

As Ace states:

Ummm… that’s not all that was corrected, AFP. The old caption said those bullets hit her house.

Now that you acknowledge they were never fired, of course you admit they could not have hit their house.

Funny how you just omitted that part without actually acknowledging your error there.

Why not just let that caption remain? The woman claimed these obviously-unfired cartridges hit her house. Why protect a liar from being exposed?

Unless, of course, you have a some interest in protecting a liar.

The woman claimed these unfired bullets hit her house. That is what she claimed, and that fact — the fact of her making that claim — remains true, unless the photograher simply made that up.

If the photographer made it up, he should be fired and AFP should admit this.

Is there any wonder why peoples confidence in the press is at an all time low?

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