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From suggesting people have a dog lick their babies butt to cure its diaper rash (which veterinarians will tell you is a very, very bad thing to do) to claiming you can cure depression by simply hanging upside down, Rosie’s rants and ‘advice’ she hand out while co-hosting ‘The View’ are always a source of good entertainment.

Recently she’s upped the ante a bit by suggesting that the recent kidnapping of British soldiers by Iranian forces was a Gulf of Tonkin type event.

She’s finally reached the point where I just don’t think she can go any further. She’s joined the camp of the ‘truthers’ and suggests that 9/11 may have been planned/known/allowed by the U.S. Government.

Video: Rosie melts down on ‘The View’

I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is the video against which all future Rosie clips will be compared. Never has so much useful idiocy about so many subjects been compressed into so little time.

It’s her finest hour.

Popular Mechanics responds:

Rosie O’Donnell 9/11 Conspiracy Comments: Popular Mechanics Responds

She continued: ‘To say that we don’t know that it imploded, that it was an implosion and a demolition, is beyond ignorant. Look at the films, get a physics expert here [on the show] from Yale, from Harvard, pick the school [the collapse] defies reason.’

For those interested in what physicist and demolition experts have said regarding WTC 7’s collapse, as detailed in our book Debunking 9/11 Myths, PM offers these notes:

Rosie, if I may offer a bit of advice, remember the old adage: It is better to keep ones mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

Also, instead of hanging upside down to ‘cure’ your depression, try a treadmill.

ht: Instapundit, Dadvocate

So I ragged on Split Rock a bit for being outdated. To their credit they do offer free high speed wireless internet as an amenity. Or more accurately, they offer free high-speed wireless access points as an amenity. Apparently Internet access isn’t actually included with it. In our suite I could ‘see’ three access points with signal strengths of about 70, 45 and 35%. I could connect to all three without a problem. Well… there was a small problem. Once you connected to these access points you were never handed any IP address info. Nothing at all. I spent some time wandering the hotel with the laptop and found that there was only one access point that would hand out IP addresses and it was in the lobby. Certainly explains why everyone seemed to hang out in the lobby area with their laptops.

Of course I refused to use this access since it had a few ‘restrictions’ on it. For some reason, you couldn’t connect with Firefox or Opera. You had to use Internet Explorer (and only if you set it to automatically detect proxy settings). Once you connected with IE, you then had to fight your way out of the hotels ‘walled garden’ with your room number. This had about 50/50 shot of working each time you tried it. Far too annoying for me to put up with.

For this trip, my net access was handled by my Palm Treo 650 running PdaNet software. It worked pretty flawlessly as long as you were active on the connection. Stop clicking for 30-40 seconds to read something and Verizon would drop the connection causing another 15 second delay as you reconnected when you where ready to move on. This is more Verizon than PdaNet, though I would like to see a ‘keep active’ setting on the PdaNet software. Shouldn’t be too hard to throw out a ping every 10-15 seconds. Another Verizon ‘feature’ that annoys the hell out of me is the crippling of bluetooth on their phones. Basically, aside from a few stray hacks, bluetooth on verizon phones are useless for anything other than headsets. They cripple the feature to force you to use their pay services. So, instead having me laptop connect to the Treo via bluetooth for the next connection, I’m forced to lug around yet another USB cable so they can communicate. How quaint.

Photos from the Poconos trip have been uploaded to the family section of the Gallery site (Registration required to view. Thanks internet weirdos).

IMG_7434, originally uploaded by psychophil.

according to the nine year old: ‘Come on! LOOK at it! A house like that just HAS to be haunted!’

Abaondoned house in Jim Thorpe, PA

If the latest link entry didn’t give it away, the family and I have just returned from a quick four day weekend in the Poconos. Without a doubt, this is one of my favorite times of the year to visit the Poconos. In between the winter and summer seasons which means….. NO PEOPLE.

We had a banked timeshare that was about to expire so a couple months ago we randomly picked the Split Rock Resort out of the catalog and booked the timeshare. We had an entire week, but since the kids on had two days off from school we planned for a long weekend. Turns out the kids ended up not having two days off which has led to yet another fight with the school… but thats a whole different entry.

The Split Rock Resort was a decent place to stay. Altought I have to say that building we were in (Galleria) was a bit outdated. What do I mean by outdated? Well, aside from the 70’s era decor, when is the last time you’ve seen a hotel use these?

The resort had a ton of stuff for the kids to do (remember the movie Dirty Dancing and the Kellerman’s Hotel? yeah, it was like that. Activity director and all…). Not to mention the bowling ally, arcade, pools, movie theater and a whole sports complex building. No down time at all during our stay. But the main reason we went to the Poconos was to take advantage of the hiking and we did more than our share of that. Great timing as well since the melting snow made for some very active mountain streams and waterfalls.

I’d have to say the highlight was our trip to Jim Thorpe, PA (which I can best describe as Ellicott City on steroids) and the ride on the Lehigh Gorge Railway. It was the first time any of the kids had been on a real train and they loved it. Its worth a trip to the area just to visit this town.

He just gets you arrested.

Digital camera left at scene of crime

Last month, at least nine people broke into private property at the end of Coldwater Canyon, near 360 and 2222. Police say pictures documented a party and crime in which $5,000 worth of expensive alcohol, including $800 bottles of wine and high-dollar scotch, were stolen.

But what the group left behind at the party left quite an impression.

“During the investigation, we found a digital camera that didn’t belong to the victim,” said Roger Wade, with the Travis County Sheriff’s Office.

On that camera, investigators found a clear picture of their suspects. Now, they need help in identifying who they are.

You might have noticed that this entry is filed under the category ‘gaming’. Why?

Legendary game designer Richard Garriott actually owns the property. He says it’s made up of a series of cabins and other buildings for special events.

Richard Garriott is better known as Lord British. The designer of the Ultima game series. As if leaving your camera behind isn’t enough… you also happen to rip off a guy who’s name pretty much ensures your face is going to be flying all over the net.

I spent about 20 minutes in the Timonium Sam’s club today looking to kill a bit of time before an appointment. While browsing through the DVD’s I overheard a couple middle aged ladies talking to each other. Actually, I didn’t just ‘overhear’ them. They were standing on either side of me having quite the conversation with each other.

One of the ladies picked up a DVD set of some E.R. season. The conversation went something like this:

woman 1: “Oh, I’ve been meaning to get this but it seems more expensive than I remember.”
woman 2: “Oh, we can go check Wal-Mart. They usually have these things much cheaper.”
woman 1: “Oh yes, thats true dear, but you know how I feel about Wal-Mart. I just can’t shop there.”
(I can feel my face involuntarily contort right about now. Must… not… say… anything)
woman 2: “Oh yes, thats so true. Sometimes I just forget how nasty that company is.”
woman 1: “Oh yes, we’re much better off just staying away from there.”
(left side of brain: “just walk away… don’t say anything.”)
(right side of brain: “yeah right, you know you HAVE to. And what the hell is it with starting every sentence with an ‘Oh’?)
me: “Excuse me… I obviously couldn’t help but overhear your conversation. You do realize you’re currently in SAM’S club right?”
women: *blink*, *blink*
me: “Sam Walton?”
women: *blink*, *blink*
me: “WAL-mart?”
women: *blink*, *blink*
me: “SAM’S club?”
women: *blink*, *blink*
me: “No? Ok, here’s a tip. Sam’s Club IS Wal-Mart”.
women: *blink*, *blink*

It appears nothing registered. All I got was a blank look. I don’t know if it was because they simply could not piece together the point I was making, of if there was just state of shock that I stepped into their conversation.

When you show up 40 minutes late to pick up your kids from daycare, you might think it is completely acceptable to scream at the woman who’s been watching your kids when she charges you for being late, for writing up your kids for hitting other kids, and for ‘making you run even farther late[sic]’ by making you sign the write-up paperwork.

Here’s a hint… its not. Here’s another hint: before you tower your muscleheaded mass within inches of the womans face to scream profanities at her (with the kids around) and intimidate her, you might want to make sure I didn’t walk in right after you and happen to be standing behind you. Especially if the woman also happens to be my wife.

You were running behind before? How behind are you now that you had to spend an hour talking with the cops on whether to go ahead with ‘harrasment’ charges on one side against ‘assault’ charges on the other or to just decline them both? Congrats on the small bit of intelligence you did show… I don’t think you’d find much sympathy in the courts.

By the way, good luck in finding a new daycare program.

edit: Ok, so I wasn’t clear on the charges thing. He ‘harrased’, I ‘assaulted’. We both declined to press charges so we could go home.

The boy turns nine this weekend. No kid mob birthday party this year (with three kids, we revolve the ‘big’ party. Each gets their own every three years. And even then we don’t do anything near as crazy as some of the nutcase parents out there). So this year we just had a small party with the grandparents.

When grandma saw the gift I gave the boy, a Star Wars Clone Trooper Blaster, you would have thought I gave him a 30.06 rifle and box full of live kittens to shoot at. She had an absolute fit!

“A GUN?! You gave him a GUN?! Good Lord! I can’t believe you gave him a GUN!”
“Um… it is a toy.”
“Its a toy GUN!”

Ok then. That went on for a bit, but you get the idea. Now… here’s the punchline. When I was the boys age, what was my absolute favorite toy? A Star Wars Han Solo blaster, that my parents gave me. So… what the hell has happened to make grandma go from giving me a toy gun (not to mention REAL guns) when I was a kid to her freaking out over a piece of plastic? They gave me toy guns, BB-guns, .22 rifles, .410 shotguns, 20 gauge shotguns, etc. and I’m still here and still relatively normal. Is this another case of media induced hysteria? Or is it just old age?

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