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Something odd happened at work the other day. I was talking to a coworker who is a fairly serious Kerry supporter. We’ve been working together for years, get along just fine and rarely talk about politics. However, given the current election, the conversation was inevitable. It was your fairly standard Bush vs. Kerry discussion. Nothing to get too worked up about. Except that he did. At one point he blurted out “Jesus Christ! I bet you haven’t even seen Farenheight 9-11!”.

Well actually, yes I have. Twice now. I downloaded and watched the bittorrent of the first bootleg which turned to be missing some parts. So after searching around a bit I found the bittorrent of the full version. However, I’ve ALSO seen FarenHYPE 9-11 which is basically a rebutal of the Michel Moore film.

So we started talking about various parts of Farenheight 9-11 (I’m going to ignore the ‘Ben Affleck is often in my dreams’ quote since its just damn freaky). Anyway, it became very interesting when we got the the video clip on the President addressing an audience at a formal dinner. Moore showed the ‘Its a very diverse crowd we have here. The have and the have mores’ and ‘Some people call you the elite, I call you my base.’ All in an attempt to make it look like Bush is pandering to the ultra wealthy. FarenHYPE 9-11 shows the entire clip, not just the closeup of Bush. You see that Al Gore is at the event just two seats away from Bush. It is a fundrasing event for some Catholic charity hospitals. The guests are expected to get up and ‘roast’ themselves, just as Bush did. As usual, Moore doesn’t show you the full picture.

Anyway, back the the ‘interesting’ part. When I brought up this point, I almost got to ‘Al Gore’ when my coworker STUCK HIS FINGERS IN HIS EARS and made ‘LA! LA! LA! LA!’ noises to block out what i was saying. I admit I was stupefied. here was a 39 year old man acting like a third grader because he didn’t want to hear the other side of the story. I can’t understand how people can take a movie like Farenheight and just accept it as gospel without checking the facts. I guess it makes about as much sense as voting for Kerry simply because ‘he’s not Bush’.

I had planned to challenge everyone who watched Farenheight to download and watch Farenhype. I got the bittorent link for FarenHYPE off of about a week ago. I just checked again tonight and all the Farenhype torrents seem to be gone. Plenty of Farenheight torrents are still there though. So much for giving an easy link to the movie. Whatever… I still challenge everyone to take 1.5 hours (once you find and download it) to watch Farenhype. Hell, I watched Farenheight (twice!) … its the least you can do.

I can’t give you the link for the torrent, but I can give you this link: Fifty-nine Deceits in Fahrenheit 9/11. And remember, the title is ’59 Deceits’. Not lies. Not Errors. Deceits.

Oh, and one more thing about the Moore movie. The roof is on fire? Please… our crew always prefered Metallica’s Damage Inc. (keep in mind, this was before Metallica turned into a bunch of ego inflated cockbags (thanks DaB)).

At the second presidential debate earlier this month, Mr. Kerry said he was more attuned to international concerns on Iraq than President Bush, citing his meeting with the entire Security Council.

“This president hasn’t listened. I went to meet with the members of the Security Council in the week before we voted. I went to New York. I talked to all of them, to find out how serious they were about really holding Saddam Hussein accountable,” Mr. Kerry said of the Iraqi dictator.

Speaking before the Council on Foreign Relations in New York in December 2003, Mr. Kerry explained that he understood the “real readiness” of the United Nations to “take this seriously” because he met “with the entire Security Council, and we spent a couple of hours talking about what they saw as the path to a united front in order to be able to deal with Saddam Hussein.”

But of the five ambassadors on the Security Council in 2002 who were reached directly for comment, four said they had never met Mr. Kerry. The four also said that no one who worked for their countries’ U.N. missions had met with Mr. Kerry either.

Kerry Lied … Again

Don’t believe he said it? The link to the video is in the story.

So yesterday afternoon I realized that my verizon wireless mobile phone contract was up for renewal. Changing providers wasn’t even an option since Verzion is the only providors whose cell phones even get a signal near my house (granted at times I have to go up to the second floor or walk out to the top of the driveway but a signal is a signal).

Clerk at the verizon store informs me that we can get some new phones at a ‘discounted’ price. Me: ‘Yeah right, what’s the ‘discount’. Clerk checks computer and responds with ‘Oh! Uh… free apparently.’

Thats the kind of discount I like.

So I end up trading in my aging Motorola v60 for a Samsung SCH-a670 and the wife gets a Nokia 6015i since she hates the clamshell style phones.

Why did I go with the Samsung? Pretty simple really, it was the most expensive phone they had in stock.

The only 180 John Kerry hasn’t accomplished in his litany of flip-flops throughout his campaign is Standard Form 180, the paperwork necessary for the complete release of his military records from the Department of Defense repository.

The Kerry campaign and website continue to claim he has released all military records. In fact, they�ve released the few documents painting the senator in a favorable light. There are at least 100 pages, promising to be much more revealing, still unseen. Kerry controls their release. All he has to do is sign the Form 180. To date, he has refused.

October Surprise? The Truth Behind Kerry’s Military Discharge. What’s Kerry Hiding?

On 10-22 The producers of the documentary ‘Stolen Honor’ told the Washington Times that they would be releasing a free copy of the program. It is a 13mb WMV file that obviously isn’t the best quality. it can be found here.

Today a new version is available for viewing. (source LGF)

The film Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal, a documentary exposing the devastating impact of John Kerry�s anti-war activities on veterans and POWs, is now available for free viewing online in a much more watchable high resolution format: Stolen Honor: Webcast of Entire Documentary.

There can be no denying that much has been made of John Kerry’s Vietnam service. It’s usually mentioned along with the notion that George Bush ‘only’ served in the air national guard. This was brought to my attention yet again last night during a political discussion with a neighbor. His entire argument in voting for John Kerry boiled down to, and I quote, ‘Well, at least he went.’

Fine. At least he went. Lets take a quick look at that.

I can only assume that if you support Kerry because ‘at least he went’ to Vietnam, you also supported Bob Dole when he ran against Bill Clinton. Clinton dodged the draft. Dole fought in WWII and was seriously wonded in Italy. He received the Purple Heart and spent 39 months in the hospital recovering. He’s never recovered full use of his right arm.

I can only assume that if you support Kerry because ‘at least he went’ to Vietnam, you also supported George H. W. Bush when he ran against Bill Clinton. Clinton dodged the draft. Bush was a pilot in the Pacific during WWII. After flying 58 missions He was shot down in combat and narrowly avoided capture. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for bravery in action.

My neighbors response? ‘Bush only invaded Iraq to make his buddies at Halliburton rich!’

Fine, lets take a quick look at that.

I can only assume if you are pissed off at Bush for invading Iraq without the ‘support’ of the U.N., you were also pissed off at Clinton for invading Bosnia (where we still have troops) without the ‘support’ of the U.N.

I can only assume if you are pissed off at the Bush Administration for awarding no-bid contracts to Halliburton for services in Iraq, you were also pissed off at the Clinton Administration for awarding no-bid contracts to Halliburton for services in Bosnia.

My neighbor’s response? ‘How ’bout them Sox?’

The first Libertarian Party candidate for president, who ran for the nation’s highest office in 1972, has issued an open letter to fellow party members urging them to vote for President Bush on Tuesday.

Besides running for the White House, Dr. John Hospers wrote what he calls the first full-length book on the libertarian philosophy, “Libertarianism.” He also wrote the party’s Statement of Principles at the first Libertarian national convention in 1972.

Former presidential candidate says too much at stake not to support ‘W’

A flood of emails (well, three) this morning have alerted me to the fact that recent stories posted to the site do not have comment links. I have no idea why this is happening. I have not made any changes to the site in the past few days and commenting on older stories seems to work fine. I did disble anonymous posting on 10-13 but stories have been posted since then with comment links (and comments have been posted as well).

Tonight I’m going to attempt to upgrade to a newer version of the software. Hopefully this will resolve the problem.

This is the one. This is the issue that finally pushed me off the fence into the Bush camp. Mainly because I actually fell for it for a bit. Actually, its more of a ‘final straw’ than a single compelling issue. The draft issue is nothing more than fear mongering from the Democrats. MTV (and the ‘Vote or Die’ drive) has jumped on the bandwagon trying to convince its viewers that Bush is going to send them to war, even though Kerry is the one who has promised two new full active duty divisions during the debates. Not to mention the fact that a pair of bills introduced in the House and Senate last year that called for a draft of both men and women were introduced by democrats. Rep. Charles Rangel (D—N.Y.) and Sen. Ernest Hollings (D—S.C.).

This Cox and Forkum entry has a fairly comprehensive collection of links detailing Kerry’s proposal which, oddly enough, can no longer be found on his web site. Links to archived versions of the Kerry page and original press release can be found in the C&F link. Below is an excerpt of the story.


Source: Cox & Forkum

Charles Johnson and other bloggers have tried to call attention to a contradiction in John Kerry’s presidential campaign. Though Kerry and other Democrats keep raising the fake spectre of a Bush military draft, it is Kerry who has promised a plan for mandatory national service in the form of a community service requirement for high school students.

His proposal was touted during the Democrat primaries, but you will no longer find evidence of it on Kerry’s web site. In Kerry’s Vanished Draft Proposal, Johnson provides links to a deleted Kerry web page and its replacement. The former said (all emphasis below has been added):

As part of his 100 day plan to change America, John Kerry will propose a comprehensive service plan that includes requiring mandatory service for high school students and four years of college tuition in exchange for two years of national service.

John Kerry and some of his supporters continue attempts to scare up votes by saying that Bush will institute a military draft, even though Bush has unequivocally rejected conscription as an option, and even though a recent Democrat draft proposal was overwhelmingly defeated in Congress (2 votes for, 402 against).

The truth is that John Kerry has publicly promised a special draft of his own, and it now appears he wants to hide it. The immorality of a draft does not arise from the fact that it is military service. A draft is immoral because it is involuntary service, and involuntary servitude is a violation of individual rights whether it occurs in fox hole or a soup line. And it is exactly involuntary servitude that Kerry has planned for high school students.

John Kerry’s use of a trumped-up draft scare is sleazy enough as it is. Turns out it’s hypocritical, too.

Add Adobe Photoshop 7 and Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 to the list of applications that would not run after a CPU upgrade without ‘reactivating’ the software. Aside from annoying the hell out of paying customers, just what the hell is the point of this?

Bob Woodward

At the end of last year, during 3 1/2 hours of interviews over two days, I asked President Bush hundreds of detailed questions about his actions and decisions during the 16-month run-up to the war in Iraq. His answers were published in my book “Plan of Attack.” Beginning on June 16, I had discussions and meetings with Sen. John Kerry’s senior foreign policy, communications and political advisers about interviewing the senator to find out how he might have acted on Iraq — to ask him what he would have done at certain key points. Senior Kerry advisers initially seemed positive about such an interview. One aide told me, “The short answer is yes, it’s going to happen.”

In August, I was talking with Kerry’s scheduler about possible dates. On Sept. 1, Kerry began his intense criticism of Bush’s decisions in the Iraq war, saying “I would’ve done almost everything differently.” A few days later, I provided the Kerry campaign with a list of 22 possible questions based entirely on Bush’s actions leading up to the war and how Kerry might have responded in the same situations. The senator and his campaign have since decided not to do the interview, though his advisers say Kerry would have strong and compelling answers.

I just love that last bit. Bascially ‘We’re not going to answer, but if we did, they’d be REALLY GOOD answers!’

Decision Iraq
Would Kerry Have Done Things Differently?

Is it just me or is John Kerry trying to make himself look and sound more like Bush the closer we get to the election?

First we have this:

“I will bring my faith with me to the White House and it will guide me.”
— John F. Kerry, Oct. 20, Xenia, Ohio

Is this not the exact same thing Liberals have been bashing Bush about for the past four years? Letting his faith ‘influence’ his decisions?

Source: Kerry plans a hunting trip as part of his push for votes of social conservatives

That brings us to the much talked about hunting trip. Kerry has no problem being photographed carrying a shotgun, but he can’t be bothered to carry out any of the dead geese himself. Can’t piss off the PETA people you know. Besides, as he said, he was too ‘giddy’ from the Red Sox victory to carry a goose (whatever the hell that means).

By the way Senator, you’re not fooling anyone with your one-eyed shotgun shooting.

One Eyed John – Kerry Is No Friend Of Hunters – He Isn’t A Real Shooter, Either

From the Wall Street Journal

“Every one of the proposals I’ve talked about tonight [Al Gore has] called a risky scheme over and over again. It is the sum of his message, the politics of the roadblock, the philosophy of the stop sign. If my opponent had been at the moon launch, it would have been a risky rocket scheme. If he had been there when Edison was testing the light bulb, it would have been a risky anti-candle scheme. And if he had been there when the Internet was invented . . .”
–George W. Bush, nomination speech, Aug. 3, 2000

“You get the feeling, my friends, you really get this feeling, that if George Bush had been president during other periods in American history, he would have sided with the candle lobby against electricity, he would have been with the buggy makers against cars, and with the typewriter companies against computers.”
–John Kerry, campaign speech, Oct. 21, 2004

This November, as many as 50 million Americans could vote for president using some form of electronic touch-screen system, the vast majority of which have been designed by McKinney, Texas-based Diebold Election Systems. That has some IT and security researchers holding their breath because of the faulty track record of Diebold’s technology and a government-endorsed testing and certification process that they say is deeply flawed.

Those critics say that direct recording electronic (DRE) voting systems remain vulnerable to manipulation and malfunction, particularly in states that have ignored some recommendations of independent researchers, like Maryland has.

E-Vote at Risk

A snapshot of various places around the country where problems with electronic voting systems have been reported.

Where E-Voting Went Wrong

Well I finally got around to replacing the motherboard on my main work system (the one with the swollen capaciters that had started just shutting off on me randomly). I picked a Gigabyte GA-7V500 board mainly because I didn’t want to screw around with getting a new CPU as well. I figured I’d just move my current Athlon XP 1700 (I think) to the new board since it was slot A as well.

Turns out the old CPU was too slow for this new mainboard and wasn’t supported. So I broke down and approved an Athlon XP 3200+ 400mhx FSB for myself. Unfortunatly my worst fears were realized, this board/cpu combo along with a gig of RAM is now a hell of a lot faster than my main home system which means I have to upgrade that as well.

The hardware install went off without a hitch. Everything hooked up correctly and powered up the first try in about 20 minutes. The software was a whole goddamn different story. On first boot I was greeted with a message from XP stating that the hardware on my system had ‘changed significantly’ and I had three days to re-authorize the system with Microsoft or it would stop running. Bastards. Yet another anti-piracy ‘feature’ that does nothing but screw the people who actually did pay for the software. After I get that message, I try to log in, turns out the BIOS date was set 12 hours ahead so windows would not log me into the domain. Strangely enough, I got the same message when I tried to log in locally. I rebooted yet again, went into BIOS and changed the date/time back 12 hours so I could log in.

XP tells me to piss off since my authorization time (which was 3 days not 20 minutes earlier) had expired. It booted me back to the login prompt and would not let me log onto the system. On top of this, XP is refusing the DHCP infomation from the network and is grabbing a random address from the DHCP pool which the firewall blocks from general net access. Being that I can’t get to a command line (software not autorized!) I can figure the IP that is set. I have to sit and watch firewall logs until I can take a guess at which IP it is. Finally I’m able to figure it out, let it through the firewall and get this goddamn software ‘authorized’.

So, twenty minutes doing hardware install, 2.5 hours doing software ‘authorization’. Whats wrong with this picture?

I get in this morning and go to open an contract that was emailed to me. ‘Office XP has noticed a significant change in your hardware configuration……..’. Ever see the Simpson’s episode where Sideshow Bob keeps steeping on the rakes and getting smashed in the face?

The oldest came home from school yesterday (she’s in 3rd grade) and it was apparent she was pretty upset. Mom asked her what was wrong.

oldest: ‘Who are you voting for for President?’
mom: ‘President Bush, why?’
oldest: ‘You can’t vote for President Bush! You have to vote for President Kerry!’
mom: ‘Why do you say that?’
oldest: ‘Because if President Bush wins, he’s going to send all the Daddies to war!’
mom: ‘Where did you hear this?’
oldest: ‘My teacher.’

GOD. DAMMIT. Last year we had to deal with one of her teachers who started talking about being a vegitarian and caused her to stop eating meat for two weeks. Now we apparently have a teacher telling her Bush is going to send me away.

The wife waited until after the kids where in bed before relaying this exchange to me. I noticed this morning that the wife was dressed and heading out after the kids were put on the bus. ‘Where are you going?’ ‘The school.’ ‘Ah….. have fun storming the castle!’ So it’ll be interesting to hear what she finds out.

You know, public schools would be a hell of a lot more effective if they would actually teach basic items like reading, writing, spelling and math. This is not High School. They have no business discussing these kinds of issues with a third grader. Especially when they use fear mongering tactics to scare the kids.

The road my house sits on has a 35mph speed limit. Most drivers really seem to take it a more of a suggestion than anything else. Especially the teenagers driving the ricers who live farther down in the development.

Apparently people have been asking the police to set up a speed trap. Instead of doing this, they set up a small trailer that has a radar gun built into an automated sign that displays the speed you are traveling in real time.

This had the net effect of getting about three or four ricers lined up on the street taking runs through the sign to see who could get the highest recorded speed.

Well that worked well now didn’t it?

Suntrust Online Banking Bill Pay has suddenly stopped supporting the Firefox and Mozilla browsers. I’ve been using both for quite a while with this bank and have never had a problem. This morning I was greeted with the following message:

The browser you are using is not currently supported by Bill Pay. For best results and to ensure accuracy, we recommend you use one of the following supported browsers:

# Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or later
# Netscape Navigator 6.2 or later
# Apple Safari 1.2
# AOL 9.0

It always annoys me when sites claim to work with Netscape browsers but refuse to recognize Mozilla, which is the same damned thing. I’m awaiting Suntrust’s response as to why they no longer support Mozilla/Firefox. I’m sure it’ll be the typical security bullshit. How anyone can claim with a straight face that IE is more secure than another other browser on the market is beyond me.

I mean come on… not only is he not wearing the helmet (carrying it doesn’t count) but he’s riding the bike while TALKING ON HIS CELL PHONE. Then again, he’s probably talking to someone trying to put together a plan on how to keep mentioning his various plans without actually telling anyone the actual details of the plans.


In the months before its release and in the weeks following, I’ve heard not a few bad things about XP SP2. Even so it looked like the rewards outweighed the risks. So naturally I decided to test it by installing the service pack on a couple of boxes that I wasn’t really concerned about. If they blew up and lost everything, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal to me.

So after I installed SP2 on my work desktops and used it for a few days without any problems, I decided it was safe to install on my home XP systems as well. No problems there either. The only nit I have it with it constantly bugging me to turn on Automatic Updates I’m waiting for the reigstry fix for that to be revealed.

I have noticed two strange things since the SP2 upgrade. First, IE6 now apparently has popup blocking (which seems to work very well). Second, more and more sites seem to be able to bypass the pop-up block in Firefox (v1.0 PR). This started on Drudgereport but now more sights seem to have caught on. I hit one site this morning that managed to launch 1 pop-up and two pop-unders at the same time. That was annoying. I actually have to spend more time in IE to avoid popups right now (even using the adblocked plugin for firefox). Thats just plain wrong.

The Firefox message boards claim that this is a known bug and is fixed in the nightly builds, but for some reason they are not releasing an update for it.

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